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Modelling Martial Arts

Having spent more than 25 years studying Martial Arts, in particular Karate, I've noticed that more and more students and writers, (myself included), have been tracing the sources to try to unravel and understand the origin and development of the skills.

Applying DBM to Karate Instructors’ Training

Recently Shoto Budo, a Martial Arts organisation, of which I am Technical Director, invited John McWhirter, developer of Developmental Behavioural Modelling (DBM), to give a weekend intensive course on the subject of 'effective instruction'. The objective of the Karate Instructors' course was to review how to teach students as well as self instruction for personal development in both Karate and life in general.
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In a Buddhist Context…

It is in developing ways of working that reflect our spiritual ideals that I have found some of what I’ve learnt of DBM over the last few years extremely useful. Take the example of connecting ideals and daily practice. For an ideal to be truly worthwhile it has to inform what we actually do, otherwise there is the danger of it remaining an empty dream disconnected from everyday living.
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DBM in Education

This article relates my experiences as a lecturer in Further Education and particularly in applying my learning from NLP and DBM. I think most of us who are teachers do regard ourselves as wise. If we reflect on this it is probably knowledge of our subject areas that makes us feel this way. This can produce an interesting irony. We can mostly gauge our level of understanding in comparison to others.
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If the Milky Bar Kid

In 1993 I began an extensive counselling training programme for the Occupational Health Nurses at Nestle UK, a large organisation with over twenty factory sites through- out the United Kingdom. What may not be so well known is that Nestle boasts one of the largest and most forward thinking Occupational Health departments in the country employing two full time doctors (several more part time) and over fifty nurses.