30 Week: Daily Skills Programme

Basic Skills Exercises

These skills exercises are designed to help you to build your level of skills in a sequence that will support your learning on the course input days. We like to give you as much as possible on the formal input sessions so the more you practise the more you will gain from these sessions. These exercises will consist of building on initial observation, taking notes of your observation, matching what you observe and later active exploration and change work.

These daily tasks are designed to take very little time. Decide on a few spare moments where you can give full attention, even if only for a minute or two. For example on day one, any spare moments on the first half of the day notice examples of yourself and those around ‘chunking very big’; on the second half of the day when you notice also match chunking big (on the inside if it is not suitable to do so on the outside!).

Some of the tasks require “LIVE” situations, others can successfully be completed using T.V. or radio programmes.

If you use “LIVE” situations please be very VERY careful and give due consideration to the privacy and welfare of those you include.

Daily Skills Weeks 1 -9

Daily Skills Weeks 10 -19

Daily Skills Weeks 20 -30