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Critical and Constructive Thinking Skills for the 21st Century

The Art and Science of Improving the Effectiveness of your Thinking with DBM® The single thing that clearly distinguishes us human beings from other animals is our ability to think and apply our thinking to change the world. This ability to think is not a single ability.Being able to understand accurately what is happening in […]

Investigating and Developing Language

From our earliest moments we experience the world, including experiencing ourselves. We investigate this experience and create an understanding of how the world works and how to work the world. We use this understanding to organize and do things to meet our needs. When we meet our needs, we do not stop and wait until […]

Investigando y Desarrollando el Lenguaje

Desde nuestra más tierna infancia experimentamos el mundo incluyéndonos a nosotros mismos. Investigamos esta experiencia y creamos una comprensión sobre cómo funciona el mundo y cómo hacemos funcionar el mundo para satisfacer nuestras necesidades. Cuando satisfacemos nuestras necesidades, no nos detenemos y esperamos hasta que otra necesidad emerge, sino que siendo bebés nos movemos constantemente, […]

Comunicación e influencia en Grupos, Equipos y Familias

con John McWhirter Este curso de formación se realizará de forma presencial. En caso de que no se pudiera realizar de forma presencial porque existen restricciones en el momento del mismo, se hará online. Habrá un reembolso completo si el curso debe cancelarse. Si el formato se cambia, habrá contenido adicional para aprovechar este medio: […]

Training Courses 2020/21

Celebrating 30 years of Sensory Systems Training as a Company. The Art and Science training series has provided more than 90 different training titles in this time, many being repeated with different contents as DBM® developed more. This year we are offering five new courses and updates on all the others. “There is Always More” […]