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The Art and Science of Effectively Living Together

As individuals we “find” ourselves in a specific family, community, culture and country. Through this experience we learn how the world works and how to work the world. This includes our learning how to live with others; and with ourselves. Unfortunately many people do not find effective ways of living in the situation they “find” themselves in. Even those that do find effective ways can later be challenged because our rapidly changing world introduces new challenges …

El Arte y Ciencia de Crear Valor de Forma Efectiva:

Antes de la existencia de los humanos actuales no había valores en el mundo. Es decir, no hubo valores tal como los seres humanos los experimentamos y entendemos. Aunque muchos animales claramente experimentan placer y dolor y desarrollan preferencias por ciertas experiencias, otros animales y cosas, aun así no demuestran la experiencia añadida de “valor” que es prevalente en la experiencia cotidiana humana.

The Art and Science of Effectively Creating Value

Before modern humans there were no values in the world. That is, values, as we humans experience and understand them. While many animals clearly experience pleasure and pain and develop preferences for experiences, other animals and things, they do no exhibit the additional experience of “Value” that are prevalent in everyday human experience. They are not motivated, or respond to punishment or reward in relation to values. They do not crave “value” in life.

The Art and Science of Effectively Optimising Living

Everybody is different. What makes one person happy or fulfilled does not work for other people. Our main needs in life may be very similar but each individual will have a unique combination of life attainments that will optimise their life. This is a challenging combination, if we go looking for success, happiness, fulfilment, the best way for us may not yet exist so we may need to …..

The Art and Science of Effective Language

We use language to make sense of the world. Our thinking and feeling is strongly influenced by the linguistic sense we make. The greater our accuracy in language the more effective our thinking and feeling will be. The selection of individual words, the relationship between words and thinking and feeling can result in inaccurate understanding, unnecessary problems and conflicts.