DBM® Remodelled NLP

Re-Modelling NLP: Part Eleven: Re-Modelling Metaphors

It is common to start an NLP training session with a metaphor, or at least a story. As this article is about metaphors it may come as a surprise that I am not starting with the usual type of story. … Continue reading

Part Ten: Re-Modelling Unconscious Processes and Hypnosis

I first became interested in altered states of consciousness when I was fourteen through a mixture of training in karate and yoga. My mother was teaching yoga and also practised transcendental meditation at that time. In 1977 at university I … Continue reading

Part Nine: Organising Change

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The wise only possess ideas; the greater part of mankind are possessed by them. Coleridge Our ideas are the basis of all that we do and therefore our ideas regarding change will be the basis for organising specific changes. I … Continue reading

Part Eight: Performing Change

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This transcript is from a Systemic Counselling training session at the beginning of 1995 and is used with the full permission of the subject. The transcript highlights the differences between a complete modelling approach and a techniques’ approach. Continue reading