DBM® Remodelled NLP

Part Eight: Performing Change

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This transcript is from a Systemic Counselling training session at the beginning of 1995 and is used with the full permission of the subject. The transcript highlights the differences between a complete modelling approach and a techniques’ approach. Continue reading

Part Seven: Facilitating Change

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“Develop your own technique. Don’t try to use somebody else’s technique….Don’t try to imitate my voice or my cadence. Just discover your natural self. It’s the individual responding to the individual.” Milton H. Erickson In previous articles, and in my … Continue reading

Part Six: Understanding Change

“It would hardly be too much to say that modern science began when people became accustomed to the idea of changes changing, e.g. to the idea of acceleration as opposed to simple motion”. Prior Introduction The main motivation for my … Continue reading

Part Five: Planning, Problem Solving, Outcomes and Achieving

In this article I will outline some Re-modelling of NLP in the area of planning, organising and achieving outcomes. Unlike other areas I have covered in this series of articles, in this article I have placed much less emphasis on remodelling and more on explaining new models. …. Continue reading